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​Good Day and Welcome to Treasure Keepers, an Online Luxury Retail Website.

     Treasure Keepers Strives to choose a wide variety of items that will reach a broad spectrum of discerning buyers while providing excellence in our collection of quality estate furnishings, accessories and collectibles from Mid Century to Antiques.

     With the guidance of our professionals, a rich history and knowledge of design can often be found within our item descriptions.

     Our noteworthy craftsmen will restore a piece to it's best possible condition often making the customer aware of historical features that the individual piece may reveal during it's restoration stage without destroying the integrity of the piece.   

     We offer personal assistance in finding just the right shipper for the right item at the best price for both Domestic and International Delivery as a concierge service to all of our customers.

     Treasures Keepers Mission is to find Keepers for our Unique and Ecclectic Treasures.  In keeping with our mission, we invite you to explore our Collection of Treasures on and become a Keeper today!


Treasure Keepers


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